Cloud Hosted VoIP Accelerate

VoIP Accelerate - Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone System

Cloud hosted control and scalability.

iceDigital’s feature-rich VoIP telephony solution for your business,
VoIP Accelerate is the ideal hosted platform for helping you take your business further, faster.

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  • Cloud Hosted VoIP Accelerate

  • Cloud Hosted Telephony

    VoIP Accelerate operates through our virtual cloud platform, which acts as a central ‘hub’ that can be accessed from any location using any VoIP-enabled device. Such devices can include an IP desk phone, a software application on your computer, an app on your smartphone or tablet, or an analogue telephone adapter (ATA).

    This ability to make and access calls from multiple devices from anywhere an internet connection exists makes VoIP Accelerate a truly mobile, highly flexible business communication solution.

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  • Extensive Number Management

    A great unique benefit and value to our VoIP Accelerate hosted system is the fact that your iceDigital telephone number is not tied to a physical location, but rather is located in our virtual cloud platform.

    VoIP Accelerate allows you tremendous freedom to manage your calls, whether you need to forward calls, access voice mail, or track calls over a period of time. All it takes is internet access and your VoIP-enabled device and you can make calls and access calling features, even conference calls, with complete confidence.

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  • VoIP Number Management

  • VoIP Security

  • Security Built-In

    • Round the clock monitoring for attacks and security breaches.
    • Strong security policies on firewalls to restrict network access.
    • Attack attempts are immediately blacklist.
    • Direct site-to-site VPN’s to secure all telephony traffic if required.
    • IP access restrictions to any account on request.
    • Restricted access to the management interface.
    • Every device is locked with a strong system generated password.
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  • Ideal for Start-Ups & Small Businesses

    iceDigital knows that cost management is a top priority with all businesses, but it can be a crucial element in a startup or small business. Upgrading an existing telephone system to be competitive or installing a new system that will grow with your business – at a reasonable cost – is imperative.

    With our diverse communication options, you can be assured of a feature-rich, affordable and future-proof system that ensures you of a solid, secure foundation.

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  • Small & Medium Business VoIP

We have a bigger, better and stronger network.

  • Resilient

    iceDigital own and operate our own network of servers, designed and built from the ground up to provide the best possible redundancy. There is no single point of failure on our network, starting from the internet feed all the way down to the storage of data.

  • Reliable

    Each of our sites has multiple bandwidth providers ensuring that there is minimal risk of outage when connecting to our servers. All our equipment is supported by industry leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, HP and Juniper to name a few, providing us with standards based hardware which has been thoroughly tested.

  • Redundant

    The multiple datacentre sites we use as part of a redundant network are connected by fast fibre channel dedicated lines, maximising on available throughput and providing real-time replication between each. Our network is managed by our “Network Operations Centre” or “NOC” around the clock 365 days a year ensuring maximum security and uptime for your service.

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Features & Benefits
  • Benefits of Cloud Telephony

    1. Free of Hardware Management
    2. Unlimited Number of Users & Extensions
    3. Hunt Groups, Queues & Auto-Attendant
    4. 2 Simultaneous Calls per Extension
    5. No Expensive PBX Licensing
    6. Meet Me Conferencing
    7. Out of Area Numbers
    8. Personal Phone Manager
  • Network Features

    1. Fully Redundant & Resilient Network
    2. Hardware Failover & Redundancy
    3. 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee
    4. Redirect Calls on Line Failure
    5. 24/7 Support by Qualified Technicians
    6. Industry Leading Bandwidth Providers
    7. Call Rates Starting from 0.6p/min
  • Phone System Features

    1. Auto-Attendant & Digital Receptionist
    2. Hunt groups
    3. Call Queuing
    4. Receive Voicemail via Email
    5. TAPI & PC Integration
    6. Voicemail and Unified Messaging
    7. Custom Music-on-Hold
    8. Call Recording
Cost Efficiency
    1. Low or zero setup budget required
    2. Free calls between users and extensions
    1. No costly equipment or maintenance
    2. Free software and firmware upgrades
    1. Cheap international calls
    2. Low monthly fee for flexibility
  • 3-Year Cost Comparison

    As you can see, VoIP Accelerate versus a purchased in-house phone system based on 8 concurrent users is significantly cheaper to use. And best of all, support charges are included in your low monthly rental fee.

  • VoIP Accelerate (£3,900)
    In-House Phone System (£10,600)
    1. Network level service able to reroute upon failure at local connection
    2. No maintenance needed as no PBX box on premises
    3. Connect up your additional sites and home workers for diverse routing
    1. Mobile VoIP ensures you are always up and running (without WiFi this requires good 3G signal)
    2. Free software and firmware upgrades
    3. Online portal for access to customisation of your service
Future Proofing
    1. Low or zero setup budget required
    2. Free calls between users and extensions
    1. No costly equipment or maintenance
    2. Low monthly fee for flexibility
    1. Free calls between users and extensions
    2. Cheap international calls

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