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  • iceDigital, the VoIP platform of choice by over 250+ businesses worldwide.

  • Our broad portfolio of Cloud Telephony products and services allow any business to future proof their communications without the need for installing expensive dedicated equipment or phone lines.

    Expansion is simple and as you need it. Communication mobility, essential to the growth of every business today, is dynamic and flexible.

    The iceDigital cloud-hosted VoIP telephone systems offer users abundant business communication choices with distinct advantages. From single man operations to multi-branch offices, call centres to large corporation, the global market is now instantly at your fingertips.

  • Experience the benefits of an iceDigital Cloud-hosted VoIP telephone system:
    1. Save on Start-up Costs
      No need for expensive dedicated purpose equipment
    2. Use Existing Cabling
      No need for expensive phone lines to be run
    3. Instantly Scalable
      No need to wait to add new user numbers
    4. Independent Connectability
      No need to stay at the office, connect anywhere via the internet
    5. Ease of System Management
      No clumsy re-programming to move or change any user
  • VoIP Accelerate

    A feature rich VoIP telephony solution for your business, our VoIP Accelerate hosted platform is ideal in helping you take your business further, faster.

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  • Cloud Hosted 3CX

    Do away with having to manage your own phone system hardware by hosting it on the iceDigital secure and resilient cloud network architecture.

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  • On-Premise 3CX

    Take control of your phone system today. Use your existing server hardware or use one supplied by us to take advantage of terminating on-site to ISDN and PSTN.

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  • iceDigital
    is a leading UK based cloud hosted VoIP telephony solution provider.

    Our mission is to provide superior cloud hosted and on-premise telephony solutions to the global market, serving small businesses ranging from single man operations, to multi-branch offices, call centres and large corporations.

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