Phone Lines (ISDN & Analog PSTN)

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    iceDigital is passionate about bringing you the best communication solutions possible that will increase your service levels, reduce costs and can be implemented seamlessly, without disruption to your productivity or service connection.

    Save up to 40% on your phone bills, compared to BT.
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    iceDigital can give you the control and flexibility necessary to optimise your efficiency and reduce your business communication costs.

  • Industry Leading Carriers

    We use only Tier 1 carriers to ensure business class call quality. We transfer your services without new hardware installations and with no changes to your existing telephone numbers and lines.

    Our ISDN and Analogue service options allow you to migrate easily from BT and enjoy savings on:

    1. Analogue line rentals, transfers, and installations
    2. Multi-line auxiliary Analogue services
    3. ISDN2e and ISDN2e+ and SIP trunking line rentals and installations
    4. ISDN30 installations, channel and DDI rentals
  • IP-ISDN30

    Consider the competitively priced IP-ISDN30, a true alternative to BT’s ISDN and a resilient, scalable, future-proof platform that is designed to evolve with your needs. Compatible with all leading brands of PBX technology, the IP-ISDN30 is ideal for medium to large businesses or call centres looking for an affordable, feature-rich ISDN solution. The IP-ISDN30 single interface allows for substantial call capacity and easy expansion to fit your changing needs.

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  • iceDigital
    is a leading UK based cloud hosted VoIP telephony solution provider.

    Our mission is to provide superior cloud hosted and on-premise telephony solutions to the global market, serving small businesses ranging from single man operations, to multi-branch offices, call centres and large corporations.

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