SIP Trunks

  • SIP is the Future of Telephony

    iceDigital SIP Trunks connect your business with our nationwide network, gives access to the PSTN and provides a more flexible and lower cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls.

    iceDigital can step up your current telephone system with the affordable integration of SIP Trunking, an internet based protocol that demands fewer resources, reduces or eliminates the need for PTSN media gateways as well as narrow-band voice circuits such as ISDN.

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    • SIP channels from only £5/month

      Includes complete fraud protection and management.

    Benefits of SIP Trunking

    • Low Running Cost
      Compared to ISDN & Analog lines, you can save over 50% on line rental alone.
    • Business Grade Voice Calling
      Exceptional call quality means that callers won’t know they are using VoIP.
    • Application convergence
      Voice, video, data and internet can operate in synergy.
    • Out-of-area numbers
      For example, work from London on a Manchester number.
    • Free calls between IP sites
      Ensure that on-net calls between sites are totally free.
    • Scalable per channel
      Unlike ISDN lines, there is no physically restriction on the number of calls.
    • Integrates with existing PBX
      The majority of phone systems can now accommodate for SIP Trunks.
  • What is SIP Trunking

    SIP Trunking is our standards based replacement for traditional ISDN. It connects your PBX to the PSTN via broadband, Ethernet or private circuit into our national network. Our SIP Trunks work seamlessly with each of the leading IP PBX brands in the UK market.

    It Can Save You Money

    SIP delivers less costly, more reliable connectivity than ISDN over an IP connection. It can save up to 50% on line rentals and 25% or more on call costs.

    Scale Up and Down When You Want

    SIP Trunks are ideal if you are moving, upsizing or downsizing and want to keep your existing numbers. Scale up lines during busy periods and back down again afterwards. You can add lines, take them away, split calls at any time. You are always in control.

    Built-in Business Continuity

    SIP Trunks can handle emergencies easily. They are inherently disaster recovery / business continuity ready, letting you reroute calls to an alternative location quickly and easily.

    Excellent Call Quality

    From the moment we connect your SIP trunking service, you will enjoy all the reliability, resilience and quality that comes from being on the UK’s fourth largest network and biggest provider of SIP Trunks. We proactively monitor and manage quality of service across our entire network – it’s the underlying network quality that makes a real difference to SIP Trunking. And as a consequence we are able to support both G.729 or G.711 codecs.

    Multi-Site Rationalisation

    If your business has multiple sites with ISDN connections into each, using iceDigital SIP Trunks you can reduce the number of ISDN connections that your business requires and also reduce the maintenance costs on all of your various PBXs.

    At the remote sites you are left with just the cost of an IP connection and the handsets that you need and you can then pull all the telephony traffic back into your centralised PBX.

    Flexible Number Display

    Decide which number you want to display on a call by call basis! Great for contact centres. Use CLI flexibility to present your preferred number on your outbound SIP trunk calls.

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