Cloud Hosted 3CX Phone System

Could Hosted 3CX VoIP Phone System

Greater functionality with extensive features.

Discover freedom from having to manage your own
phone system hardware through our secure and resilient 3CX cloud network architecture.

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  • Cloud Hosted 3CX Phone System

    As a premium partner with 3CX, the premier phone system for Windows, iceDigital offers you the valuable ability to break free from your outdated phone system, reduce your communication costs, and increase your businesses productivity and mobility.

    iceDigital’s 3CX phone system provides you with a dedicated server in the cloud that offers rich and sophisticated communication features. Our cloud hosted 3CX phone system will allow your employees relatively seamless access to your company phone network throughout the world using their company extension. This vital capability to hot desk from any location, without incurring extra call costs, allows you to establish global communications at a substantial saving.

    What We Include

      1. FREE server setup and installation.*
      2. Managed network hardware firewall.
      3. Site-to-site VPN to your office.
      4. In-house VMware certified engineers.
      1. Cloud hosted Windows server management.
      2. Redundant server and failover infrastructure.
      3. 3CX Management Console HTTPS SSL security.
      4. Inclusive daily offsite backups of your PBX.
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    • Prices starting from only £49.95/month

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  • Why Choose Cloud Hosted 3CX
    • Free of hardware management
    • Built in fail-over and redundancy
    • No expensive capital expenditure
    • Daily automated offsite backups
    • Accessible securely, worldwide
    Advanced 3CX Phone System Features
    • User Presence Information
      Monitor individual users, incoming and outgoing calls in real-time.
    • Advanced Call Reporting
      Run custom reports for all system wide calls to the finest detail.
    • Call Centre Wallboard Display
      Real-time visual display of call queues and adoption of SLA targets.
    • MS Outlook & CRM Integration
      Use system API’s to connect apps such as Sage, SalesForce and Sugar CRM.
    • 3CX App for iPhone & Android
      Free feature rich mobile app to make and receive calls from anywhere.
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    User Freedom

    A web-based user portal provides extension users with complete mobility, extension preference configuration without needing IT support, mobile phone apps integrate any smart phone to company phone system.

    Network Manager Freedom

    3CX comes with an intuitive, web-based management console for easy access system expansion and re-configuration, with nearly unlimited scalability, with options to fully virtualise the system and eliminate extra hardware, energy use, and management costs.

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    Cost Effective with Low TCO

    No need to purchase expensive new hardware, no need for expensive re-wiring, no vendor maintenance costs or system expansion fees, no or greatly reduced long-distance and international calling costs, no charge for advanced features or add-ons (inbuilt fax server, digital receptionist, paging/intercom, integrated voice mail, company phone book), exceptional return on investment.

    Call Centres Boost Customer Satisfaction

    Affordable call centre features offer detailed review and hands-on access of calls in queue, wait times, supervisor-to-agent on-line feedback, and many other vital elements that keep your fingertips on the pulse of your customer’s level of satisfaction.

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We have a bigger, better and stronger network.

  • Resilient

    iceDigital own and operate our own network of servers, designed and built from the ground up to provide the best possible redundancy. There is no single point of failure on our network, starting from the internet feed all the way down to the storage of data.

  • Reliable

    Each of our sites has multiple bandwidth providers ensuring that there is minimal risk of outage when connecting to our servers. All our equipment is supported by industry leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, HP and Juniper to name a few, providing us with standards based hardware which has been thoroughly tested.

  • Redundant

    The multiple datacentre sites we use as part of a redundant network are connected by fast fibre channel dedicated lines, maximising on available throughput and providing real-time replication between each. Our network is managed by our “Network Operations Centre” or “NOC” around the clock 365 days a year ensuring maximum security and uptime for your service.

3CX is Revolutionary

The superior features and flexibility of a 3CX , Windows-based IP PBX phone system, put your business
at a decided advantage, offering tremendous adaptability for growth and ensuring your
company communications are fully future proofed.

3CX Phone System
  • Exclusive to 3CX Phone System

    1. Conference Call App
    2. Intercom Paging
    3. Advanced Call Reporting
    4. Real-Time Individual User Presence
    5. Real-time Wallboard Display of Call Queues
    6. Email Notification of Missed Calls
    7. Branch Office Integration
    8. Central Company Phonebook
    9. Ring Mobile & Office Simultaneously
  • Calling & Call Management

    1. Auto-Attendant & Digital Receptionist
    2. Call Parking
    3. Call Recording
    4. Conference Calls
    5. Ring groups, Hunt Groups
    6. Receive Voicemail via Email
    7. Custom Music-on-Hold
  • Mobility and Security:

    1. Mobile Device Compatibility
    2. 3CX Mobile VoIP App for iPhone & Android
    3. 3CX Phone Integrated Chat App
    4. 3CX Phone Conference Call App
    5. MS Outlook & CRM Integration
    6. Restrict Access by IP Address for Security
    7. Restart One or All Phones Remotely
Features & Benefits
  • Benefits of Cloud Telephony

    1. Free of Hardware Management
    2. Unlimited Number of Users & Extensions
    3. Hunt Groups, Queues & Auto-Attendant
    4. 2 Simultaneous Calls per Extension
    5. No Expensive PBX Licensing
    6. Meet Me Conferencing
    7. Out of Area Numbers
    8. Personal Phone Manager
  • Network Features

    1. Fully Redundant & Resilient Network
    2. Hardware Failover & Redundancy
    3. 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee
    4. Redirect Calls on Line Failure
    5. 24/7 Support by Qualified Technicians
    6. Industry Leading Bandwidth Providers
    7. Call Rates Starting from 0.6p/min
  • Phone System Features

    1. Auto-Attendant & Digital Receptionist
    2. Hunt groups
    3. Call Queuing
    4. Receive Voicemail via Email
    5. TAPI & PC Integration
    6. Voicemail and Unified Messaging
    7. Custom Music-on-Hold
    8. Call Recording
Cost Efficiency
    1. Low or zero setup budget required
    2. Free calls between users and extensions
    1. No costly equipment or maintenance
    2. Free software and firmware upgrades
    1. Cheap international calls
    2. Low monthly fee for flexibility
    1. Network level service able to reroute upon failure at local connection
    2. No maintenance needed as no PBX box on premises
    3. Connect up your additional sites and home workers for diverse routing
    1. Mobile VoIP ensures you are always up and running (without WiFi this requires good 3G signal)
    2. Free software and firmware upgrades
    3. Online portal for access to customisation of your service
Future Proofing
    1. Low or zero setup budget required
    2. Free calls between users and extensions
    1. No costly equipment or maintenance
    2. Low monthly fee for flexibility
    1. Free calls between users and extensions
    2. Cheap international calls

The superior features and flexibility of a 3CX cloud hosted, Windows-based IP PBX phone system put your business at a decided advantage, offering tremendous adaptability for growth and ensuring your company communications are fully future proofed.

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