Intelligent Inbound Numbers

  • Customer Contact Made Easy

    Our Inbound service provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools to empower you and drive your customer service.

    What is Inbound?

    Inbound is packed with features to help you manage incoming calls, providing greater business efficiency, resilience, flexibility and better customer service. From simple call routing through to comprehensive call centre services and management tools, Inbound is everything your business needs.

  • Intelligent Inbound Numbers

  • Use with any number, anywhere.

    Available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and accessed from any web-enabled device through a secure, user-friendly website

    Robust business continuity built-in.

    Build an unlimited number of call plans according to business operating hours and modify instantly in accordance with changing business needs

    Build tailored call plans and routing.

    You can build call plans to suit your business operating hours and modify them instantly, for instance during seasonal retail promotions and peaks. Call routing can be scheduled in advance and calls divert options used to maximise the customer experience.

    Call statistics built-in.

    Easily interpreted graphs of Inbound call statistics help users track calls and enhance management reporting. Snapshot data provides results of call handling efficiencies to ensure informed operational decisions can be made, in an instant.

    Call queuing feature.

    Inbound lets incoming calls queue to a destination number in our network to help with call handling during busy periods. Live queue statistics enable customer service to be monitored and it lets instant changes be made to queue management and size whilst providing optional queue breakout and overflow preferences to an alternative destination, announcement or voicemail service. As you would expect, stats can be projected onto a wallboard to give immediate feedback to call handling agents and supervisors.

    Auto-attendant / IVR feature.

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows file announcements to be uploaded to an Inbound call plan as a way of communicating with callers. IVR can be used to provide callers with call routing options and announcements to inform them of details such as opening hours or website address when the office is closed.

    Additional optional features.

    Advanced call statistics show call handling efficiencies such as productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour to support informed business decisions. Your customers can find out how long it takes to answer calls, analyse waiting times, view call outcomes and see caller details.

    Inbound Reports can be scheduled so that call statistics for daily, weekly or monthly time periods can be automatically sent to up to three dedicated email addresses, saving time and freeing-up managers.

    Call Recording can be used for compliance, customer service or audit purposes – great for businesses operating in regulated environments such as the Financial Services sector.

    Choose to retrieve voicemails online or by email with .wav attachments – a robust way to maintain records and audit trails.

    Call Whisper – a brief message is played to the call centre operative just before the call is taken giving further information on how to answer the call, allowing a more tailored response and supporting marketing campaign targeting.

  • An Introduction to Intelligent Inbound Numbers

    The key to Inbound is that you are in control and not reliant on a network operator to make changes on your behalf. You can do that yourself, enabling you to securely make changes and get instant access to reports that meet your business timescales, not those of the network provider.

    Using our online portal or mobile app you can set up call plans then see how many calls your business is receiving, how many are answered and how many are missed. You can improve customer service by better managing callers during busy hours, or when your office is closed.

    Inbound also provides a ready-made business continuity solution. You can instantly direct calls to another location, either manually or automatically, should there be an outage or other issue.

    Intelligent Numbering Benefits

    • Establish an invaluable ‘National’ presence
    • Capture regional and local Customers through target area geo-numbers
    • Generate more Customer Response through free-to-caller numbers
    • Track Market Campaign effectiveness through in-bound call data
    • Effective Routing to call-specific departments or persons
    • Seamless Re-Direction of calls to alternative locations or to your mobile
    • Competitive Rate packages – designed for your needs
    • Cost Effective – customise your communication outreach and response
  • Business Continuity

    A great feature of Inbound is its ability to support business continuity. In the event of a disaster or unforeseen event, calls can be instantly redirected to another site, which becomes particularly relevant when you consider that in a recent survey it was reported that after an office disaster such as a fire or flood, 80% of businesses never reopen or close within 18 months. Don’t let your customers underestimate the disruption to their business that such an event can cause and show them how Inbound can help!

    Call reporting is becoming more and more important to an increasing number of organisations. with Inbound you’re enabling online access to a full range of call routing features and management information that will give you an edge when it comes to customer service.

    Intelligent Numbering Rate Structure

    • 0800 – Freephone (free to caller)
    • 0845 – Local Rate Number
    • 0843/0844 – 5p/min Flat Rate number
    • 0871 – Premium National Rate
    • 090 – Premium Rate
    • 03 – Non-Geographical
    • 01/02 – Geographical
  • Call Management & Reporting

    If you ask them, most organisations would like to know how many calls they’re receiving and of those, how many are answered and how many are missed. Go a bit deeper and ask a typical marketer and you’ll find they want to know how many enquiries their advertising is producing, whilst their counterparts in sales and operations will share an interest in understanding peak trading times to be able to refine staffing levels to meet the need. Inbound provides the perfect solution for each of these essential business requirements.

    Improve Customer Service

    Keep businesses in touch with their customers – by choosing Inbound you can manage what happens to calls directly, when your office or shop is busy or when you’re closed. You can divert calls during these times to another location or to a mobile and you’ll never miss a call again. Calls can even be recorded for compliance or training purposes and Inbound will help you report on productivity, effortlessly.

    Number Management

    Inbound makes it possible for a master administrator to create sub-account users via an intuitive admin tab, which gives individuals access to specific numbers and features. This can be useful when allowing employees to manage call routing of their own DDI number, because it lets them choose and manage how they receive their incoming calls at any time, whilst restricting access to features such as call recording.

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