Cloud hosted VoIP solutions by the experts.

  • iceDigital
    is a leading UK based cloud hosted VoIP telephony solution provider.

    Our mission is to provide superior cloud hosted and on-premise telephony solutions to the global market, serving small businesses ranging from single man operations, to multi-branch offices, call centres and large corporations.

  • Sales vs Technical

    Sales & Pre-Sales Staff
    Certified Technicians
    Staff Dedicated to Serving You
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    75% of our business, just like yours, come through customer recommendations. Let us show you why they are happy customers.

    • Value Teamwork

      Our team of engineers are fully trained and qualified in IT and telecoms to provide a complete start-to-end solution to our customers. We put our collective knowledge into providing you with the best solution on the market.

    • Lead by Example

      As one of the first companies to market cloud hosted telephony in the UK, our purpose is to provide customers with future proof, industry leading phone systems coupled with unrivalled support and customer service.

    • Focus on the Future

      Cloud hosted telephony is the future. iceDigital are paving the way for organisations to embrace this technology in an economical and strategic manner to ensure that it works well for them. We look at it as an investment for growth.

    • Financial Security

      Cloud hosting makes sense. Not only is it financially more economical but it is also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it removes the responsibility for you to have to maintain your own equipment and server on-site.

    • Operating from the Hub

      Based in London, we have the strategic advantage of being able to tap in to Europe’s capital digital hub, the centre point of the internet. This allows us to deploy our team of engineers anywhere within the UK or Europe within a very short time frame.

    • Strive for Excellence

      Our resilient Cloud Network is accessible with very low latency over the internet for any VoIP solution. This network has been built from the ground up with a skilled team of qualified engineers at the forefront of the technology.

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Our network infrastructure is bigger, better and stronger.

  • Resilient

    iceDigital own and operate our own network of servers, designed and built from the ground up to provide the best possible redundancy. There is no single point of failure on our network, starting from the internet feed all the way down to the storage of data.

  • Reliable

    Each of our sites has multiple bandwidth providers ensuring that there is minimal risk of outage when connecting to our servers. All our equipment is supported by industry leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, HP and Juniper to name a few, providing us with standards based hardware which has been thoroughly tested.

  • Redundant

    The multiple datacentre sites we use as part of a redundant network are connected by fast fibre channel dedicated lines, maximising on available throughput and providing real-time replication between each. Our network is managed by our “Network Operations Centre” or “NOC” around the clock 365 days a year ensuring maximum security and uptime for your service.

Customer Testimonials

  • iceDigital are quite easily the best and most reliable telephony company we have ever used. Their service is flawless.

    Author's imageShaz MemonDigimax Design Studio
  • We are very happy with the service iceDigital has provided us with over the past three years. In this time our company has grown globally quite significantly and integration has been seamless with their assistance.

    Author's imageAmy MyersCraster Ltd.
  • Since teaming up with the iceDigital team, my costs have come down and my efficiency has gone up. An absolutely great service and I hope we can do even more surgeries together!

    Author's imageChetan KaherSmile Cliniq Dental

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